The intention for the Wynken, Blynken & Nod Bed and Breakfast and Body/Mind Resource Center at the farm is to provide for undefined and developing needs. 

At the farm, the friends and guests who come here do not come just to get help of some kind.  Here we help each other. 

We are seeking help as much as we are offering help.  We want to build something that is good and we want to build it together.  Everyone is on a level playing field of mutual concern and respect.
At the Meadville facility, the guests are served breakfast.  At "Nod", the guests at the farm may be required to prepare their own breakfast.  The food and kitchenware will be provided for the guests to use in a shared kitchen. 

Guests can also choose to come to the in-town Bed & Breakfast houses where a full breakfast is served, or, when possible, have breakfast served at the farm.  In town, breakfast  is served throughout the mornings at times that meet the needs and preferences of the guests.

All of the guest rooms at the farm have private bathrooms. 

Because of the potential for fire, no smoking is permitted inside or outside or on the farm property.