As a guest of Wynken, Blynken and Nod, there are numerous ways to relax and many places to visit.  Below is a list of just a few:

Tour Meadville's 19th century-built Baldwin Reynolds House, the Drake Well museum, and the Meadville  Market House
Take in a play or attend public events in this small college town.
Hike Ernst Trail, with its covered bridge.
Stroll through Diamond Park, which is within walking distance from Wynken, Blynken & Nod.
The county has plentiful spots for playing golf and antiques shopping.  There are approximately 25 golf courses here, with a variety of different types of play.
In late June, the Thurston Classic dots the sky with hot air balloons.

Late August is the time of the Crawford County Fair, one of the state's largest agricultural fairs.
There are eight lakes located here so the fishing and other water sports are abundant.

Spend time in Conneaut Lake which is the largest natural lake in the state and also has Conneaut Lake Park (an old fashioned amusement park with a classic wooden roller coaster, "The Blue Streak".  There is also a nice beach to soak up some sun.
There is a wonderful sternwheeler boat on which you can take tours called the Barbara J.

Located also in the small town of Conneaut Lake is a winery named the Conneaut Lake Cellars. They have a wonderful variety of wines available, and there is a spot to taste the wines before purchasing.

The Linesville Spillway is also an interesting place to visit.  It is also called “The Place Where the Ducks Walk on the Fishes’ Backs”. This spillway is located at the end of the Pymatuning Reservoir, just south of Linesville. If you visit here, be sure to take some bread along with you to feed the carp that will be waiting for you, and watch the fish, ducks and geese fight over the food.

The Erie National Wildlife Refuge has wonderful hiking trails with photographic blinds to view the wildlife.

There are also some wonderful museums, including Drake Well Museum which is located on the site where Edwin L. Drake drilled the world's first oil well in 1859. The museum is located in a 219 acre park just outside of Titusville, with outdoor oil field exhibits.

Be on the lookout for little roadside stands, where you can by fresh produce, quilts and delicious homemade bread. For some reason it is hard to not purchase some homemade goodie from a little Amish child sitting along side the road, selling their mother’s wares.

There are many bicycle trails including one near the Drake Well Museum.  This trail runs along Oil Creek. This trail is 20 miles long with many places to stop and picnic.

The fall here in Northwest Pennsylvania must be the best time to visit, the leaves are spectacular!
Relax on the porches of our guest houses and read a good book.
Visit Presque Isle State Park in less than one hour.
Attend church services of many denominations within walking distance.
Enjoy time alone!